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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most common questions we've received from our users.
You can use the contact form above to ask us anything you cannot find here.

What is EPIX.AI?

We are a Bulgarian based start-up with a vision to help the world in the attempt to understand ageing.

What is epigenetic data and how is it connected to AI?

If your genes are the hardware your body is built on, think of epigenetics as the software, programmed by our lifestyle and environment - the way your body functions. It is closely linked to your health and biological age. Using AI, we are able measure more than 450k epigenetic biomarkers to analyze and understand these connections.

What should I know before I start using EPIX.AI services?

Nothing! As long as you are ready to join us on a journey, we will unlock the answers to your healthier life together.

Is my data safe with EPIX.AI?

Yes, we take great care of keeping your data safe. More information can be provided upon request.

How can I find out more about my results?

All of the results and suggestions we give are delivered in an easy to understand language. Our experts are ready to help you interpret your results in a personalized way.