Your epigenome reflects your everyday life choices

Twin Cases

Imagine two identical twins who were brought up under different conditions. They have the same DNA, but their epigenomes can differ due to external factors. For example, one twin may develop cancer due to carcinogen exposure, while the other may not.

Risk Analysis

Disease risk analysis is based on the study of epigenetic changes and measures a person's risk of specific conditions.

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Precise treatments

Overall, epigenetics is essential in shaping our health outcomes, and understanding these mechanisms can lead to new treatments and interventions.

Our platform

Our platform builds a “dynamic health score” which combines epigenetic and lifestyle data to deliver day-to-day information on how your health profile develops.

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We match your epigenetic profile with environmental factors such as air quality, air pressure, sea elevation, atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, etc. This gives us direct insight into how your environment impacts you. If you are particularly vulnerable to these factors, you will see how they affect your daily dynamic health score.

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Connecting a wearable device updates your personal dynamic health score by feeding daily information on your physical activities. For example, step count, heart rate, oxygen level, skin temperature, sleep duration and quality, and calories burnt. This helps you understand how healthy activities are improving your health on a daily basis.