Aging under threat: Milena Georgieva Explores the Intersection of Science, AI, and Aging in Renowned Journal Manager

EPIX.AI's CSO Delves into the Future of Aging with AI in Journal Manager

Milena Georgieva, the Chief Scientific Officer of EPIX.AI, has recently penned a groundbreaking article in the Journal Manager, delving into the intricate relationship between biological aging, science, and artificial intelligence. The article, titled "Aging under threat: How are science and artificial intelligence trying to stop the biological clock?", offers a comprehensive overview of the advancements in the realm of genetics, epigenetics, and biotechnology that are reshaping our understanding of aging.

Georgieva highlights the paradigm shifts that have occurred since the completion of the Human Genome Project, emphasizing the significance of epigenetics - or "supragenetics" as she terms it. The article differentiates between chronological and biological aging, underscoring the profound impact of environmental and lifestyle factors on the latter.

EPIX.AI, Bulgaria's high-tech beacon, is also making significant strides in this domain. The company is pioneering the development of precise clocks to measure biological age, leveraging epigenetic data, lifestyle monitoring devices, and the power of artificial intelligence. This innovative approach aims to identify the epigenetic triggers responsible for aging and related diseases.

Georgieva concludes her article with an optimistic note, envisioning a future where advances in personalized medicine empower individuals to harness their body's potential for longevity and well-being. She posits that with the knowledge of our genes and their interplay with the environment, future generations can redefine their understanding of aging, transforming life into a thrilling journey.

For a deeper dive into Milena Georgieva's insights on the future of aging, read the full article in Bulgarian here.