Epix AI Gains Entry into Intel's Liftoff Startup Program, Unlocking Crucial Computational Power

Epix AI, a pioneering force in AI and epigenetics, has recently been inducted into Intel's prestigious Liftoff startup program.

In a significant stride forward, Epix AI has been accepted into Intel's highly coveted Liftoff startup program. The selection not only highlights the company's cutting-edge approach to AI and epigenetics but also opens the door to Intel's state-of-the-art computational power.

The Liftoff startup program, known for fostering innovation and supporting emerging businesses, doesn't involve direct funding. Instead, Epix AI gains invaluable access to Intel's advanced computational resources, marking a crucial turning point in the company's trajectory.

While there is no direct financial support, the acceptance into the Liftoff program comes as a boost for Epix AI. The access to Intel's computational infrastructure alleviates some of the financial burdens associated with back-end expenses, allowing Epix AI to redirect more of its budget towards digital marketing initiatives. This shift in focus will catapult the company's brand awareness and market penetration to higher levels.

Epix AI's groundbreaking work in the intersection of AI and epigenetics has positioned it at a critical juncture in the deeptech field. The Liftoff program's recognition of Epix AI's potential is a testament to the dedication and innovation displayed by the company's team. This inclusion not only validates Epix AI's scientific acumen but also serves as a resounding endorsement of its core idea.

The Liftoff program, known for its stringent selection process, is designed to empower startups by providing them with access to Intel's cutting-edge technologies and resources. Epix AI's acceptance underscores the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the fields of AI and epigenetics.