Epix AI Makes Waves at Web Summit, Recognized as Impact Startup

One of the high points of Epix AI's presence at Web Summit was the company's recognition as an Impact Startup.

Portugal, November 13-16, 2023 — Epix AI, a pioneering company in the realm of healthcare and longevity, took center stage at the international conference Web Summit in Portugal, leaving an indelible mark on the industry stakeholders present.

From the 13th to the 16th of November, the bustling Web Summit (visited by over 70 000 visitors, with the participation of over 2600 startups) played host to the most innovative and groundbreaking companies from around the globe. Epix AI stood out with its booth on the 16th, attracting a non-stop stream of visitors that included venture capital funds, healthcare practitioners, insurance companies, and other key players in the wellness and longevity sector.

The trio leading Epix AI—Chief Executive Officer, Andrey Bachvarov, PhD; Chief Scientific Officer, Prof. Milena Georgieva; and Chief Operating Officer, Nikolay Vasev, PhD—played instrumental roles in presenting the company's groundbreaking initiatives and advancements.

Epix AI's booth served as a hub of innovation, showcasing the company's cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and their applications in healthcare. The team engaged in insightful discussions, live demonstrations, and one-on-one sessions with attendees eager to explore the future of healthcare technology.

One of the high points of Epix AI's presence at Web Summit was the company's recognition as an Impact Startup. This prestigious distinction underscores Epix AI's commitment to social disruption in the healthcare and longevity domain. The acknowledgment comes at a time when the importance of innovative solutions in these fields has never been more apparent.

Epix AI's impact on the industry extends beyond its technological prowess. The company's mission to enhance healthcare and longevity aligns with global efforts to address pressing health challenges. As an Impact Startup, Epix AI is poised to influence the trajectory of the industry and contribute significantly to the well-being of individuals worldwide.