EPIX.AI's CSO with a Plenary at Peter Sage’s “Restart Your Mind, Body and Soul” Seminar in Bulgaria

EPIX.AI's Milena Georgieva on the topic of “Epigenetics: we are what we eat and think” at a renowned Peter Sage Seminar

Milena Georgieva, EPIX.AI’s Chief Scientific Officer recently participated in the renowned Peter Sage seminar titled “Restart Your Mind, Body and Soul,” held in Bulgaria. Georgieva delivered a plenary lecture, captivating attendees with her insights on the ““Epigenetics: we are what we eat and think”

The seminar, known for its focus on holistic well-being and personal development, saw a diverse range of experts sharing their knowledge on various topics. Georgieva delivered a compelling plenary lecture on the topic, "Epigenetics: we are what we eat and think." Drawing from her vast expertise and the pioneering work at EPIX.AI, she delved into the intricate relationship between our dietary choices, thought processes, and their epigenetic impacts on our health and well-being. The lecture emphasized the profound influence of lifestyle factors on gene expression and how understanding this interplay can empower individuals to make informed decisions for optimal health.

The Peter Sage Seminar, known for its transformative sessions, provided the perfect platform for Georgieva to share these insights. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive overview of epigenetics, shedding light on the science behind the age-old saying, "You are what you eat," and extending it to the realm of our thoughts and emotions.

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