Epix AI's Nikolay Vasev Addresses the Future of AI in Health at DLD 2024

At DLD 2024, Nikolay Vasev, COO of Epix AI, shared his expertise on AI's transformative impact in healthcare.

Nikolay Vasev, Chief Operating Officer of Epix AI, took center stage at the DLD 2024 conference, contributing his insights to a high-profile panel on the role of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. The conference, a gathering of several thousand participants from both the private and public sectors, serves as a platform for experts to discuss and share their perspectives on leading technologies that will shape our collective future.

The panel discussion, focused on AI in health, delved into the immense opportunities and challenges that come with the integration of artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. Nikolay Vasev, representing Epix AI, brought forth his expertise on the transformative potential of AI in advancing healthcare solutions.

DLD 2024 stands out as an arena where industry leaders unite to address the crucial issues and opportunities presented by cutting-edge technologies. The conference facilitates an exchange of ideas among individuals possessing the skills and authority to tackle these challenges, providing a holistic view of the evolving landscape of technology and its impact on various sectors, particularly healthcare. Nikolay Vasev's participation underscores Epix AI's position as a company at the forefront of AI and epigenetics.