Epix at the 18th International Congress of EABP, Sofia 2023

At the 18th International Congress of EABP, EPIX.AI's CSO, Milena Georgieva, delved into this topic, exploring the nexus between body psychotherapy and epigenetics.

In a world that's constantly evolving, understanding our identity becomes both a challenge and a necessity. The 18th International Congress of EABP, themed "Identity in Transformative Times: Construction, Deconstruction, Reconstruction," delved deep into this very subject, exploring the rapid changes we face and the existential questions they raise.

Our very own Chief Science Officer, Milena Georgieva, represented EPIX.AI at this prestigious event. She participated in a thought-provoking panel that bridged the realms of body psychotherapy and epigenetics. The discussion revolved around the intricate relationship between our physical selves, which are in a state of constant transformation, and our souls, which grapple with the pace of change.

The congress posed critical questions about our evolving identities in the face of technological advancements, global challenges, and societal shifts. It sought to understand our roles as humans - are we mere contributors to the noise and waste, or are we the guardians of life and humanity?

Milena's participation underscores EPIX.AI's commitment to understanding the deeper aspects of human identity and well-being, especially in these transformative times.

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