"The Science of Immortality" Talk at Hello Space 3.0 Conference

The event that invites you to embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of everyday life.

Recently, Prof. Milena Georgieva, Chief Science Officer at Epix.AI and renowned Professor at the Institute of Molecular Biology, captivated attendees with her talk on "The Science of Immortality" at the Hello Space 3.0 conference.

Organized by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and STEAM and Space Cluster Bulgaria, and supported by the US Embassy to Bulgaria, the event was held at Sofia Tech Park. Participants delved into the mysteries of space, from black holes to time travel, sparking the imagination of many.

The day was packed with interactive workshops, exhibits, and thought-provoking discussions, all aimed at inspiring dreams and promoting careers in STEAM sciences. Those who attended had a unique opportunity to journey "Ahead of the Future" and immerse themselves in the wonders of science. If you missed it, stay tuned for highlights and future events!

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