Prof. Milena Georgieva Spotlights Health Concerns at "Science in Action" Conference

She highlighted the nation's troubling mortality rate and the rampant spread of preventable diseases.

The "Science in Action" conference, recently held in Sofia and orchestrated by Arbilis, delved deep into global health challenges.

Among the luminaries, Prof. Milena Georgieva, Chief Science Officer at Epix and a distinguished professor of Molecular Biology and Epigenetics at the Bulgaria Academy of Sciences, stood out with her thoughtful insights.

Prof. Georgieva painted a concerning picture of Bulgaria's health landscape. She drew attention to Bulgaria's unfortunate distinction of having the EU's highest smoking rates and soaring obesity figures, she underscored the urgent need for health reforms.

Central to her message was the pivotal role of dietary habits in shaping public health. Prof. Georgieva passionately advocated for a shift towards natural, minimally processed foods, stating, "The lesser processing foods undergo before reaching our plates, and the fewer harmful substances they contain, the better it is for our health."

Her compelling address at the conference not only shed light on Bulgaria's health crises but also emphasized the broader implications of dietary choices on global health. Prof. Georgieva's call serves as a reminder of the transformative power of informed dietary decisions in curbing health risks.

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