EPIX.AI CEO, Andrey Bachvarov at The Bridge 2023 Event

EPIX.AI at Power of BG: The global community of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and innovators

The Bulgarian innovation scene recently converged in Varna for the third edition of The Bridge event. This gathering aimed to sketch out a long-term vision for the nation's entrepreneurial ecosystem and deliberate on cultivating an environment conducive to the systemic success of its entrepreneurs.

At the heart of this event was Andrey Bachvarov, CEO of EPIX.AI, who showcased the company's ideas to the elite community of Bulgarian entrepreneurs and innovators at Power of BG during their marquee event, "The Bridge 2023."

Power of BG stands as a beacon for top-tier Bulgarian entrepreneurs, both domestically and internationally. It offers a trusted platform where they can forge connections, foster meaningful relationships, and significantly influence Bulgaria's entrepreneurial landscape.

Spearheaded by the non-profit organization Power of BG, this global assembly attracted over 200 participants. This diverse group comprised entrepreneurs, investors, ambassadors from the Bulgarian diaspora, ecosystem architects like Endeavor Bulgaria, and allies of Bulgaria from pivotal markets in the MENA region, US, and EU. The primary goal was to harness the potential for business collaborations and create a ripple effect of social impact.

The Power of BG gathering served as a testament to the immense potential that resides within and outside Bulgaria's borders. It underscored the belief that these brilliant minds can usher in transformative societal and economic shifts in Bulgaria. However, the tangible outcomes of these efforts remain to be seen, and the nation eagerly awaits the fruits of this collaboration.

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