Prof. Milena Georgieva Sheds Light on AI and Longevity at Webit Festival

Keynote: Extending Human Lifespan with AI: Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity

The Webit tech and innovation forum, renowned for its focus on cutting-edge topics, recently spotlighted two of the most pressing themes of our times: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Investments. This summer edition delved deep into the future of AI, raising pertinent questions about its implications on the job market and how humans can coexist harmoniously with machines.

Prof. Milena Georgieva, the Chief Scientific Officer at EPIX.AI, delivered an insightful keynote titled "Extending Human Lifespan with AI: Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity."

As a distinguished Professor of Molecular Biology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Milena's insights are backed by her extensive research in the realm of aging biology. Her work at EPIX.AI, which melds epigenetics with AI, is pioneering a new frontier in personalized longevity.

The Webit Festival, while emphasizing the imminent changes AI will bring to the professional landscape, also served as a platform for the InvestX Investment Forum. This forum aimed to position Bulgaria as a nexus for financial discussions between Europe and the Middle East, attracting investors from global giants like Blackrock, J.P Morgan, and more.

For those unfamiliar with Webit, it's a forum for digital, tech, and entrepreneurial enthusiasts, especially from the EMEA region. It's a venue for exchange of vibrant ideas for those eager to understand and adapt to the impending AI-driven world.

You can watch our CSO's keynote on-demand here.