Epix AI Triumphs at the Unlock Healthy Longevity Conference in Singapore

Epix.AI's achievement at the Unlock Healthy Longevity conference in Singapore marks a significant milestone, showcasing its innovative approach to aging & longevity.

In a remarkable achievement last week, Bulgarian startup Epix AI secured the top honor at the startup pitch competition during the "Unlock Healthy Longevity: Supplements" conference, held at the prestigious National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. The event was a gathering of the brightest minds in longevity research, featuring renowned experts like Brian Kennedy, Andrea Maier, David Sinclair, Hans Meij, Nir Barzilai, Alexey Moskalev, among others.

Founded in July 2022, Epix.AI is at the forefront of integrating epigenetics and artificial intelligence to develop a platform that accurately assesses biological age and the risk of age-related diseases. With over a year dedicated to algorithm development, the team has identified key epigenetic biomarkers that predict biological aging with unprecedented precision. Epix.AI's innovative approach combines statistical and machine learning methodologies with solid scientific validation, setting a new standard in bio-aging measurement.

The startup's flagship product, the Dynamic Health Score, leverages data from wearable devices and geolocation to provide daily updates on an individual's biological aging rate. This tool not only tracks aging trends but also offers personalized lifestyle recommendations aimed at promoting longevity and health. Additionally, Epix.AI is expanding its offerings with epigenetic tests that analyze saliva samples, enabling users to explore the intricate relationship between their genetics and lifestyle choices.

Epix.AI's technological innovation has not gone unnoticed, earning it a spot in Intel's Liftoff startup program, which recognizes the company's cutting-edge expertise in the field. Currently in the pre-seed funding stage, Epix.AI is gearing up to finalize its mobile application and make its debut in the European market, with plans to expand globally thereafter.

The recognition at the Unlock Healthy Longevity conference underscores Epix.AI's promising journey towards redefining our approach to aging and longevity. It firmly establishes the startup as a pioneering force in the rapidly evolving landscape of longevity research.